2006 Gibson Les Paul,1958 Standard Reissue

2006 Gibson Les Paul, 1958 Standard Reissue, (R8)

Washed Cherry, Plain Top

Serial Number 8 68xx

Neck Measure 1st Fret  0.906

Neck Measure 12th Fret  1.019

Incredible tone, it has a “honk” that is loud and resonant without plugging it in.  It shimmers with good bass response and cracking mids. One of the best playing and sounding guitars I have ever owned. The notes will play what you want them to, no struggling with vibrato, and it will howell on command. Best with heavy gauge strings, on the fatter side of medium fat neck.  Color looks very red in photos, but this guitar could be called a Tea Burst, There is figuring on the maple but no flame. It is certainly a book matched top. Also there is red pigment bleeding into the binding, this is vintage accurate.


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