2007 Gibson Les Paul, 1958 Standard, Chambered Reissue, CR8

A series of guitars was done in 2007 called the CR8 or Chambered Reissue. The Chambered Reissue was to accomplish two things.; A chimier Tone, and a much lighter guitar.

300 were built for 2007 colors were “Washed Cherry, Iced Tea, and Faded Tobacco. the three colors divided among the run, I do not know if it is 100 examples of each color. This example is # 061 out of the run and it is Faded Tobacco

The Rosewood Finger Board is from Madagascar (when it was still legal)

See Gibsons brochure below.

Guitar Weight is 7 lbs and 10 oz which is very light for a Les Paul.

Neck Measures

1st    0.930″

12th 1.020”

Came with a set of Haussel Pickups

Vintage N A2 and Vintage B A5




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