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List of current Observatory Equipment.

NEW ADDITION to the Equipment List

Moon Lite Crayford Focuser! Update!!!

Delivered and it is fine fit and finish, Blue anodized. It has the high resolution stepper motor. 

Losmandy G-11 mount with Gemini Go To capabilities, Level 4 V. 1.05. Slightly modified mount with extra bearings and low temperature grease.

Robin Cassidy Stainless Steel Weights.

Additional homemade counter weight. Using 2 11lbs weights bought at a sports store, bolted together. Then some plumbing attachments and a set screw.  I will post a picture….cuz I’m proud of it!

Meade 10″ f/ 6.3 SCT OTA, equipped with a Robofocus motor.

William Optics 110mm FLT Triplet APO, 3″ Zero image shift focuser geared 10:1 focuser reduction.  Robofocus installed.

SBIG ST-7XME electronically cooled CCD camera,  with TC-211 guide chip and water cooling. (SOLD)

SBIG ST-2000XM electronically cooled CCD camera with TC-237H guide chip and water cooling.

SBIG CFW8A with Custom Scientific/SBIG LRGB dichroic filters. (SOLD)


SBIG CFW10 with Astro Don Near Infra Red (as Luminance) and RGB, also Ha filter, SII, and OIII Filters

Andy Homeyer Flip Mirror.

Robofocus controller

Kendrick Dew Remover System.

110VAC~12VDC power supply

William Optics 2″ Quartz Diagonal,  dielectric coated, 99% reflectivity, 1.25″ with adapter

Celestron 2″ SCT standard diagonal with 1.25″ adapter

William Optics 2″ photo adapter

Telrad (2) (ones broke)

William Optics illuminated reticle.

Cables and Stuff


(THIS LIST SUBJECT TO CHANGE, Hopefully it will grow)

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