2014 Gibson Les Paul, 1958 Standard Reissue

2014 Gibson Les Paul, 1958 Standard Reissue

Page 93 Burst (Stanly Burst) or Sunrise Iced Tea Burst VOS

Neck measure,

.910 1 st fret

.976 12th fret

Pickups; Custom Buckers

8.0 k Neck

7.84k Bridge

Wt. 8lbs 12 oz

Serial # 84261x

God of Thunder, Reminds me of my 2003, R9 Big and Fat Sound with a lot of emphasis on the bass side, nice and even mids with a hair less highs than some other guitars. Definitely a guitar with character, and presence…not to be ignored….will slam you on the ground and melt your face….I like it….

Very nice symmetrical thin curl flame maple with a splash of mineral streaks in the right places. It is a Hand Picked from Dave’s Guitar Shop in Wisconsin….






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