2009 Gibson, Les Paul Standard 1958 Reissue, Blister Top

2009 Gibson, Les Paul Standard, 1958 Reissue, Plain Top with Blister Figure

In 2009 Gibson really came to grips with the “historical accuracy” trajectory. They knew it would take some years to research and plan for the roll out of a guitar that satisfies the “Cork Sniffer” in all of us Les Paul aficionado’s. The term cork sniffer should not take on a derogatory connotation in this regard, because the Les Paul’s legacy is a  sum of many parts and build techniques. And without the little goofy stuff that got missed through the years its not really a reissue is it?

So this one is a fine example of a 1958 Gibson Les Paul Standard.

The particulars are;

Gibson Les Paul 2009, 1958 Standard Reissue, (R8)

Faded Tobacco, Plain Top, Blister Figure

Serial Number  8 9759

Neck Measure 1st Fret 0.910

Neck Measure 12th Fret  1.024

Pickup Neck  Burst Bucker

Pickup Bridge Burst Bucker

Weight 9 lbs 8 oz

Russian Pio, .22 and .15

Original Wiring (Gibson 50’s) Correct

The Blister figure is frequent against the mismatched grain, the top is however tasteful and does not appear mismatched, very vintage looking.

Exquisite large neck, resonant and thick. The Rosewood has dark grain lines against a light and dynamic fretboard. Probably Madagascar Rosewood.

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