2016 R7 MTM Candy Apple Red

2016 R7 MTM Candy Apple Red (Made to Measure)

A glorious R7, Made to Measure with a special color Candy Apple Red, sweet and luscious the metallic finish makes ones mouth water for those candied apple summer days at the fair.

A smooth player out of the box, it has all the trappings one expects from the invulnerable 1957 reissue Les Paul. Large thick gripped neck profile, dark rosewood fretboard…(could be darker) and a presence all its own, this R7 will fit nicely into the collection with out much fuss.

I don’t plan on any mods at this time….so no pickup or pot changes until something presents its self as a problem….It’ll have to go to band practice with me….after I play a few songs I’ll have to let one of the other guys play it. And give it a real listen. But for now here are some pics.

There is one overexposed pic….see the Gold under the red?



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