2014 Gibson Les Paul, Standard 1958 Reissue

Its a mix of reddish tea, with more red than rust….but it has a bluish cast in the darker cherry areas, that make the dark cherry dark. It is difficult to photograph the blue haze. The fret board is dark and consistent in color and I have to say it looks great on this one. Not as chocolaty as Shanks or the 2011 R9, but stunning. A little dry maybe, but I’ll rub it down with bore oil some time soon. I like the raw rosewood smell for now. The combination of flame, grain and flecking is in perfect proportions to one another and the back slab looks like a slab. The color of the back is a faded cherry, the exact opposite of the 2014 Lemon Burst that has a Red Sapphire look too it…really have to compare them up close to appreciate it. 8 4403 Weight is 8 lbs. 13oz Neck Size is 0 .918 1st fret 1.024 at the 12th fret Pickups are Custom Buckers with Zebra Coils but have a detail very similar to Burst Buckers..But they sound great very clear and detailed on the neck pickup, Punchy with smooth detail on the bridge…no complaints. Neck is a close, very near center quarter sawn.  


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