About The Observatory

Jupiter Transit of the Moon IOCygnus Observatory is really just my backyard Telescopes awaiting their building, that we Astrophotographers call Observatories. I have decided to start posting images on the internet because it seems like the thing to do nowadays.  My images consist mostly of  CCD, a few film and a few DSLR.

The images are in no way to be considered Scientific. They are the result of a hobbyist who just has fun racking his brain trying to produce Hubble quality images, with expensive equipment and real crappy Michigan skies. So, its for fun and I enjoy doing it.  So write me, comment on images, give advice or tell me to stop doing it.

The above image was done at a real observatory, by me, sitting in my living room. The Tzec Mauan Observatory in New Mexico has the ability for users across the globe to do internet astronomy. You control their scopes via the internet. It is a very cool way to do astronomy, but I like to tinker with stuff. This is more of an educational thing. This image was acquired using a 14″ Mak,Cass and an ST-11000 CCD camera. I used their RGB filters and their fabulous skies. The skies make all the difference. There are a few more to post here so stay tuned!

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