Eye Piece List

The Eye Piece, a collection of stacked polished glass cut and arranged in such a way to compliment the Optical Tube Assembly that one attaches it to. The Eye Piece to some of us can be just as an obsession as the OTA. I can easily become addicted to the these “little jewels”. I am somewhat selective but economic as well. Below is my modest list.

Magnification Formula is below.
Magnification = Objective Focal Length/Eyepiece Focal Length

Example: A 1600 mm focal length telescope using a 10 mm eyepiece will produce a magnification of 160 X’s:

Example: Magnification = 1600 mm/10 mm = 160x

The Addition of a Barlow Lens in the optical path will Multiply that magnification by 2. Thereby reducing the need to purchase additional eyepieces. So if you already own a 20mm eyepiece and you add a Barlow you will also have a 10mm eyepiece, with some loss in resolution, however, very little depending on the quality of the Barlow and Eyepiece combination.

2″ Russell Optics 32 mm Konig *SOLD*

2″ Meade Research Grade 32mm

1.25″ Meade Research Grade 12.5 mm Orthoscopic

1.25″ Meade Research Grade 20mm Wide Angle (Favorite)

1.25″ Meade Research Grade 28mm Ortho *RARE*

1.25″ Televue 13mm Smooth Side Plossle

1.25″ Televue 17mm Smooth Side Plossel

1.25″ Televue 2x Barlow

1.25″ Celestron 10mm Silvertop (Circle V)

1.25″ Celestron 26mm Silvertop (Circle V)

1.25″ Celestron 12.5 mm Illuminated Reticule Guide EP

(To be Continued)

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